Asset Leasing

Summit’s Asset Leasing Services help property owners increase the return of their investments. The more potential transactions you see, the greater the chance of securing the best lease for your property. Summit aggressively reaches out to the tenant and brokerage community to bring tenants to your property.

Summit pre-markets future space availabilities to reduce vacancy. Anticipating vacancy makes tenants in the market aware of your property’s opportunity before the space is vacant. By getting out in front of the leasing curve, renewal rents are maximized and downtime between tenants is minimized.

Each Asset Leasing Team is directed by a Summit Commercial principal with more than 25 years of leasing experience. This knowledgeable leasing team works to understand tenant requirements, helps the tenant understand how your building fits their needs, and overcomes potential objections. Summit’s experienced professionals solve issues and questions in a cost-effective manner to bring transactions to a successful close. Proposals and paperwork are handled efficiently and quickly to gain advantage for your property over other properties competing for tenancy.

Summit constantly analyzes the market to discover opportunities for you to increase your net income while minimizing your expense. Market statistics, marketing information, and active tenant data are always available to help you make optimal decisions.

Your property is our focus. Achieving your goals is our objective and commitment.