Tenant Representation

Summit Commercial provides corporate-facilities users with tenant representation and consulting-oriented services not typically found at other sales-related commercial real estate service firms. As such, our responsibility is to the tenant first, not the deal.

At Summit, we believe that the individuals with whom the client works are the critical ingredient to the success of their requirement. Summit professionals are among the most experienced in the industry with an average tenure of more than 20 years and each Summit client representation involves at least one principal of the firm.

Decisions made today on facilities will affect operations for years to come. Our approach to tenant representation and advisory services is to represent our clients aggressively without trepidation or preference to achieve exceptional results. Summit continuously integrates innovative pro-tenant provisions to protect our client’s best interests.

Summit Commercial provides comprehensive tenant representation services for many of the most prestigious multinational corporations, not-for-profits, associations, law firms, medical/hospital systems, and emerging start-ups.